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Posted by: Byron

Don’t waste money on every new fitness gadget! We at Fitness and Fuel have selected a few items truly worth your hard earned $$$. Here’s our top 5 favorite new fitness must haves!

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Posted by: Byron

Is cardio boring you to death? Tired of spending hours on the “Hamster Wheel” at the gym? Ditch your long dull steady state cardio sessions for shorter High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and take results to the next level!

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Posted by: Byron

No time for a full hour workout at the gym? Don’t let that stop you. Burn OVER 350 Calories in JUST 20 minutes! Watch Exercise Physiologist & Sports Conditioning Coach Byron Paidoussi to perfect form for max muscle gains and calorie burn.

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Posted by: Whitney

Try the Grinch! This nutrient-loaded green smoothie great for boosting immunity, fighting colds, reducing hangovers & accelerating weight loss. Drinking your veggies & 50-100% daily value of many essential nutrients is easy – when it tastes like fruity ginger! Way way better than V8!

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