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Posted by: Byron

Is cardio boring you to death? Tired of spending hours on the “Hamster Wheel” at the gym? Ditch your long dull steady state cardio sessions for shorter High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and take results to the next level!

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Posted by: Byron

Leg day is vital to a gym routine and should never be the workout you skip when short on time. Why? Increase testosterone. Improve abs. Prevent injury to back & knees. Yeah, look better naked! A guy with a huge upper & tiny lower body looks like a tomahawk pork chop.

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Posted by: Whitney

Everybody wants a slimmer, sexier, toned midsection. Use this workout to target all areas of your abs and lower back. Destroy love handles and reveal the six pack abs you’ve always wanted. Make this workout part of your New Year’s resolution – you won’t be disappointed in the results!

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