So you’ve got a really busy week ahead and you know you won’t have the time to get your usual number of workouts in. Avoid the biggest mistake most people make:  SKIPPING LEG DAY. Now I know most guys are far more concerned how your abs, chest or arms look than your legs. Let’s be honest, you’re not working out purely for aesthetics. If you are, you’re missing out. Leg day is vital to a gym routine and should never be skipped. Instead, combine two of your other workouts into one day, or skip arm day.



1) It increases your testosterone. Doing big complex movements recruits more total muscle mass. It leads to a big metabolic stress on your body. This is the perfect formula for releasing more testosterone.

2) Lifting legs will increase your bench press. Clearly, bench pressing is important. But if you only want to lift upper body, you could probably just alternate Bench Press and Incline Bench Press on even and odd days of the week. However, this won’t improve strength, aka max lift load. Instead, why not help yourself out and add 10 pounds to your bench by doing squats. When you are benching, you should plant your feet and drive with you legs. If you do this correctly, you could actually feel your legs aiding in the stability of your lift.

3) Doing squats will give you better abs. Large, compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, and Olympic lifts engage a huge number of core muscles. Most pro athletes never train abdominals and still have shredded six packs.

Checking out my sexy legs? You better, I shaved!

4) Balance. How do you think your body reacts when you put 10 pounds of muscle on just the top half of your frame? It puts undo stress on the weaker half of your body, and makes you more prone to injury.  In addition to abnormal compensatory changes, muscle imbalance can lead to faulty joint alignment and inefficient movement, all of which can set the stage for injury, especially low back and knee injuries.

5) You look better naked. Lets be honest, people that don’t train legs but focus only on upper body look ridiculous in a bathing suit and even worse naked. They look completely out of balance, almost like someone glued two mismatching halves together as a joke (see photo at right). Hahaha!

Moral of the story, if you want to have an all around awesome physique, get stronger and avoid injuries, make sure that you NEVER skip leg day!!! Inspired? Try our Amazing Legs Workout.

Amazing Legs Workout

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