Hey Ladies – Since y’all are always asking what I wear and recommend for training, I’m sharing some deals and tips for gear evaluation. Shoes are an entirely different story, see “Put Your Money Where Your Shoe Is” http://www.whitneycole.com/archives/53 but for all-purpose pants/capris and sports bras, I’m a Nike devotee. Just discovered my favorite Nike pants are on sale for $39.99 (normally $65.00) and shipping is free with purchase of $175 or more!

WHY NIKE? It’s running, jumping, working out outside and/or coming in contact with uneven surfaces, and the of course the resulting heavy sweating and essential washing that cause the any clothing fiber to spread, shrink or thin, and in the case of workout pants, typically in the posterior where we actually need the most coverage. Of the various brands I’ve tried, Nike’s Dri-Fit blend of 92% polyester / 8% spandex is the most durable fabric, maintaining shape and avoiding the abrasive “pilling” common to higher percentage cotton fabric blends. All my Dri Fit pants have lasted at least 2 years of approximately twice weekly wear and launder, and the way I train really tops the aggression totem pole. Yours would likely last longer. Note: you must take care when you take ’em off too. With any of these dominantly synthetic fibers, to maintain shape, you must wash in cold water and hang to dry. Plus, while I don’t get any pro discounts with Nike, their prices are nearly always lower than Lululemon’s sale prices even with my discount.

Clearly, this is a seasonal sale to turnover Nike’s full length pant inventory, but I will lament that I rarely feel I overheat in a full pant, even in summer as the fabric truly does breathe and wick away sweat. In the last few years Nike has added an extremely USEFUL zippered pocket in the back just below the waist and above tailbone. Pocket is large enough for ID, credit card, lil cash, house or larger car key & a few sticks of gum – so you can truly RUN your errands. Long as you don’t put anything heavy in it, whatever you put in will lay flat against your low back vs bounce and/or bulge. The straight-leg, streamlined cut is wide enough at the ankle to avoid the “cankle” look of skinny jeans and stretch pants but still moves with you. Plus, unlike aggressively flared pants, you can avoid tripping on or kicking the extra material with your other foot. I’m grabbing 3.

Nike Lightweight Womens Open Hem Running Pants - FrontNike Lightweight Womens Open Hem Running Pants - Back$39.99 Nike Lightweight Women’s Open Hem Running Pants

Nike Distance Tech Running CapriGetting another pair of capris too, since it’s nearly impossible to find these pants in store. Who has time for shopping disappointment. This version also has a few cute color variations.
$55.00 Nike Distance Tech Women’s Running Capri

BIG SALE!  Some larger sizes of the capri versions from last year are on sale. If you can wear it, do it! Even if you’re not happy with the size you’re at this moment, don’t hold on buying a few pairs of decent workout pants to boost performance and motivation. Big sloppy yoga or sweat pants are perilous to run or jump in as you can easily trip on the leg. And clearly, feeling ugly or self-consious doesn’t motivate anyone. Remember how buying school supplies at the beginning of a new school year made you actually want to do your homework? Same self psych applies regarding fitness. If you wear the oldest, ugliest, baggiest thing you can find in your home, you will always, consiously or subconsciously, rate working out lowest on your list of pleasures. As with any goal, ill-fitting workout gear can prohibit you from reaching your top fat-assasinating performance. 
$39.99 Nike Core Tech Women’s Running Capris
Nike Pacer Women’s Low Rise Running Capris

Hope this is helpful. Will write about sportsbras soon. As always, never hesitate to ask if you have questions.