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Want to build truly spectacular glutes? You need to start doing weighted Hip Thrusts ASAP! This exercise is vastly superior to both squats and deadlifts when seeking gluteal development and strength. Use the trifecta for a solid lower body!

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Never let the “I don’t have time” excuse derail your workout. These 3 exercises will kick your butt ASAP!!!!

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If your goal is to safely develop posterior chain muscles, including strong, tone, powerful hamstrings and glutes and burn more calories, choose DEADLIFTS versus LEG CURLS. Exercise physiologist and Sports Conditioning Coach Byron Paidoussi explains why.

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Leg day is vital to a gym routine and should never be the workout you skip when short on time. Why? Increase testosterone. Improve abs. Prevent injury to back & knees. Yeah, look better naked! A guy with a huge upper & tiny lower body looks like a tomahawk pork chop.

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Found this hysterical blooper reel from the 2014 CrossFit Games, ENJOY!!! But PLEASE do NOT try this at home… Thanks Exercises in Futility!

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The more and more time that we spend in the gym, the more abundantly clear it becomes that most peoples workouts are either missing some very important exercises or worse yet, have really poor technique in these exercises. This can result in injuries, muscle imbalances and a lack of progress towards goals.

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