The day has gotten away from you and you have no time to workout. Bullshit, get in the gym and do 3 sets of 20 reps of the following exercises and you’ll hit all the major muscle groups and really get the heart rate going. It will take you under 15 minutes and you’ll be exhausted.

The burpee is a great plyometric exercise for elevating the heart rate, but by adding a controlled push-up to the movement, you can get the chest and triceps involved to. Make sure you don’t let momentum take over and bounce your way through the push-ups. Also make sure you keep the abs fully activated to get the core element out of the movement too.

The deadlift is one of the best pure strength exercises. It works the entire posterior chain and the core. It is also great at upping your heart rate. For that extra zing and to get the lats involved, add a barbell row to the movement prior to executing the deadlift. Make sure that you focus on contracting your abdominal in order to protect your lumbar spine. Also keep your shoulder blades retracted and your back straight throughout the movement, flexion in the spine can result in injury.

Squats are awesome. Front squats are even better as they work the core harder and will allow you to add an overhead press at the top of each movement. This combo will blast your legs, core and shoulders all at once. Ensure you keep your elbows up nice and high on the squat portion, and not to hyperextend the knees and back while performing the overhead press element.


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